Proper Care for Your Latex Clothes

Latex is a natural substance and requires proper care and attention to give you its best. In order for you to enjoy your latex clothing for many years and to maintain the shine of the material, you should follow some simple rules for the right latex care. Take a moment to read a few tips on how to do it.

  • New products in rubber latex must be treated and stored with talcum powder. Before wearing the product for the first time, wash it with water and neutral soap (CAUTION: Do not use spicy detergent, dishwashing detergent or other household cleaners!).
  • To facilitate the wearing of latex clothing it may be necessary to sprinkle the body with talcum powder or lubricate it with a specially developed silicone oil.
  • Apply the silicone oil directly to the skin or you can turn over your garment and apply the dressing aid to the inside of your latex garment. You can also use a little more for known narrow places such as arms or legs and thus influence the gliding effect better.
  • Avoid using all kinds of oils or greases such as vaseline, edible oils, baby oils, body care creams, oil-based lubricants, grease etc., as this could weaken or permanently stain or otherwise damage latex.
  • Wear latex clothes carefully, trying not to hook the material with nails, rings, watches, bracelets and other sharp objects.
  • Critical points such as zippers, press studs, closure rings, buckles etc. are always reinforced in our products, but handle them gently and carefully.
  • To highlight its color and make it shiny and appealing, latex requires polishing with a polish or spray polish specific to this material. Apply a small amount of polish and spread evenly with your hands or a special microfiber cloth (CAUTION: Do not use conventional microfiber cloths. These rough up the latex).  
  • After use, wash the latex clothing within 24 hours. The sweat left long can fade the color of the material causing unpleasant spots.
  • Do not put latex items in a washing machine.
  • Wash the latex by hand outside and inside in lukewarm mild soapy water, rinse it gently and hang it to dry, turning the head inside and after a while out.
  • Keep away from any light - sunlight, heat or ultraviolet and daylight. The UV rays contained in the sunlight damage the material in the long term and make it mat and grey. Always dry your clothes in the shade. 
  • Washed and dry latex clothing should be treated with suitable silicone oil to keep it supple and shiny, and prevents the latex clothing from sticking together during storage. You can also use talcum powder.
  • Store latex in a cool, dry, dark wardrobe, preferably on a plastic or wooden hanger and inside a garment bag or covered with a clean black sack.
  • Store different colored latex pieces separately as the stronger colors can stain the lighter ones. Please also note that latex clothing does not come into contact with other textiles.
  • Avoid contact with metal, particularly copper, brass and bronze. Metal based items such as coins, metal coat-hangers and jewellery after reaction with latex causes brown stains.
  • The use of solvents is not recommended.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not iron.
  • Latex is highly flammable!!

Latex Care Products

Suitable care products are an absolute must for latex clothing in order to maintain the material well and maintain its unique properties for as long as possible. We use "BeGloss!" on all of our garments. So why don't you continue having that long lasting ultimate shine all of the time?

In our Latex Shop you will find special latex cleaners and latex care products that gently and effectively clean your clothes and give them their breathtaking shine. We also offer high quality silicone oils for easy dressing of your clothes. 

Warning! Rubber latex can cause allergy. 

Latex allergy occurs when the body's immune system reacts to proteins present in natural latex. Our garments are made of latex from Radical Rubber, which is treated to minimize allergic proteins in latex. However, if you in any way may have tendency to develop latex allergies, we strongly advise you to consult a doctor before wearing latex products.