In our manufactory we only use high-quality natural latex fabric manufactured by Radical Rubber (UK).

Latex sheetings are made from latex milk and are a pure natural material. Therefore, each harvet reacts differently due to the environmental influences in combination with the color pigments and can lead to slight color deviations.

Note: Transparent natural latex is never completely transparent but always has a slightly yellowish sting. White is therefore not pure white but tends to a warm white hue. In general, it should be said that light colors are more sensitive and it can easily lead to discoloration in the material.

Below is a full list of colours that will soon be available for order which we usually  stock in 0.4 mm thickness latex. At the moment we do not use whole palette of colors to create our garments, so some listed colors may not be in stock. We may order them for you, but this can extend the time of producing. For individual order of colors please contact us via the e-mail

These are the colors currently available in stock:

Note: Depending on the colour presets defined by your monitor software, the displayed colours can vary wildly.